Litigation is a martial art. It requires unique skills and experience. Strategic genius. An independent mind. It takes precision and courage. We are bureau Brandeis.

Litigation, you can’t always avoid it. At that moment you want the best in the business by your side. Professionals. Attorneys who know the legal process like the back of their hand. Attorneys who are seven steps ahead. Never afraid. With their eyes on the ball. A firm that fights for you, even when you are two goals down. The name of that firm is bureau Brandeis.

Unique experience

Flying hours, many flying hours. That’s what litigation takes. Any attorney may litigate. But many of them never see the inside of a court room. We know how judges think. We know the ropes. bureau Brandeis has more court room experience per square meter than any other firm in the Netherlands.


Call us old-fashioned, but we feel that an attorney should be independent. He needs to be able to advise and litigate freely. We are responsible for handling your case and we know how to get the best results. Sometimes this will be through swift and tough litigation, sometimes through strategic maneuvering. It is a strategy we choose carefully with our clients. But ultimately we are the ones who decide on the course to be followed.


The law is organic. Always in motion. We don’t see the law as a hard, unbending instrument. We shape it and think about it. About how the law ought to be. How it ought to work. We share our views on the law, when we are asked and on our own initiative. In opinion pieces, columns, scientific articles, lectures and to journalists. We are outspoken.

We have a soft spot for the underdog. The one who challenges conventions and the majority. Innovation calls for a critical mind. Someone who rows against the current. We prefer the challenger.

Our people

Cartel damages litigation – quarterly reports News

Cartel damages litigation – quarterly report II

Hans Bousie & Louis Berger & Nammy Vellinga & Sophie van Everdingen / 29 Sep 2017

This is the first bureau Brandeis quarterly report on the developments in the area of cartel damage litigation. You may download our quarterly report here. Would you like to receive the next edition of our quarterly…

Blog Cartel damages litigation – quarterly reports News

Scania fined by EC

Hans Bousie / 27 Sep 2017

Scania, one of the six large truck manufacturers was fined by the European Commission today, 27 September 2017, for € 880 million for participating in the so called trucks cartel. Earlier, on 19 July 2016,…

Blog Know how


Floor Eikelboom / 20 Jul 2017

On 7 July 2017 Elliott rang the bell for the second round of its fight with AkzoNobel. The first round ended when the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals (“Enterprise Chamber”) dismissed Elliott’s…


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