Rieneke Reijnen


Rieneke Reijnen is a senior associate at bureau Brandeis. She specializes in corporate litigation, with a clear focus on complex commercial torts and contract litigation. Rieneke has extensive experience in directors’ liability cases and disputes relating to investments in real estate, offsetting of payment obligations and with respect to security rights, both in and outside of bankruptcy proceedings. Because of her experience as attorney in Supreme Court litigation, Rieneke has a keen eye for the tactics of litigating in appeal proceedings.

Rieneke often represents the underdog as attorney in defending cases. In such cases, much can still be gained in avoiding or limiting liability. On the basis of her in-depth knowledge of the laws of obligations, Rieneke always aims at the remedy that is truly helpful for the parties in contractual disputes. She never loses focus for her client’s interest.

Rieneke was sworn in as attorney in 2006, at the time working for Houthoff Buruma. In 2013, she succesfully completed post-graduate studies in corporate liability law at Grotius Academy.

Rieneke is a regular blogger on directors’ liability on her blog corporatelitigator.wordpress.com.

Some recent work:
  • Representing the former chair of the board of an instute for midlevel practical education in proceedings against the school, as instigated on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education. The court denied all the claims in a definitive judgment.
  • Acting on behalf of the former director of a real estate investment company, in proceedings on the basis of prospectus liability, commenced by a claims organization on the basis of article 3:305a DCC. The appeals court denied the claims;
  • Representing a former director in revocation proceedings following an arbitral award, in a dispute regarding redundancy payments. Vertegenwoordiging van een onderneming in een procedure tegen verzekeraars en een aannemer, over de vraag of een dak van een bedrijfsgebouw is ingestort door een constructiefout, dan wel door heftige weersomstandigheden;
  • Acting on behalf of a company in proceedings regarding the question whether a roof of its distribution center collapsed due to a defect in the construction, or due to heavy weather. While in first instance the claims were granted vis-à-vis the constructor, in appeals proceedings the claims were granted vis-à-vis the insurance company. Cassation proceedings are pending;
  • Representing the former partners of a party in proceedings regarding the frequent breach of a non-compete clause. The court granted damages claims;
  • Acting on behalf of a trust services provider in proceedings instigated by a tax planning services provider, regarding the transfer of a client portfolio to another trust services provider. The appeals court has denied all claims. Cassation proceedings are pending.


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