Demi van den Berg


Demi van den Berg works at bureau Brandeis. She specialises in (European) competition law and economic regulation.

Prior to joining bureau Brandeis, Demi followed the master’s specialisation European Business Law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Demi obtained her master’s degree summa cum laude in 2021, and wrote her thesis on the Digital Markets Act (awarded 9/10).

In 2019, Demi won the European Law Moot Court Competition. In this prestigious competition for European Law, she successfully pleaded before the judges of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and consequently undertook an internship in the chambers of Advocate-General Bobek.

Earlier, Demi was an intern at the competition law section of a large prominent law firm in Amsterdam. During her bachelor, she also worked as a clerk of the Court of Gelderland. Since 2018, she worked as a teacher in the Jurisprudence Department of the Law Faculty in Nijmegen, educating first-year law students in legal writing and research skills.

After obtaining her bachelor European Law School cum laude, she followed a second bachelor at the Nottingham Trent University. As part of the disciplinary Honoursprogramme of the Law Faculty, she additionally travelled to Rome and Kraków to attend multiple summer courses. Demi also followed a minor Legal French at the Faculty of Arts in Nijmegen.

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