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Media & Entertainment is a vast and dynamic sector, comprising companies that are active in any form of media (printed or otherwise). The current digitisation of product forms, the ways in which film, radio, television, music and books are distributed and the channels for doing so means that this sector is constantly evolving. When a market changes so rapidly, professional support from a specialist who knows the market inside out is vital. bureau Brandeis’ attorneys are such specialists.

Supplying digital files requires a fundamentally different approach to the traditional way in which physical products were offered. Traditional business models are under pressure. bureau Brandeis supports producers and distributors of film, radio, television, music and books who are active in this dynamic market. Companies who are just entering the market can also count on bureau Brandeis’ pragmatic assistance. We also represent major e-commerce retailers and advise online game suppliers.

bureau Brandeis advises and litigates on themes specific to the Media & Entertainment sector such as:

  • disputes between artists and record companies or managers;
  • advice on new (digital) retail and distribution forms;
  • drawing up sector-specific agreements such as distribution agreements, artist contracts and licenses;
  • disputes about the protection of (supposed) intellectual property rights;
  • advice and disputes about the protection of privacy;
  • advice on the applicability of the Betting and Gaming Act to online games providers.

Advising and litigating in the field of Media & Entertainment requires thorough knowledge of the sector and its laws and regulations. A skilled and expert lawyer who knows his way around the sector is expertly equipped to serve his client’s needs.   Media & Entertainment is a specialist sector with dynamically developing laws. It is vital, therefore, to have an excellent overview of all the options the law has to offer. bureau Brandeis’ Media & Entertainment attorneys bring all that to the table.

bureau Brandeis’ attorneys are at home in the Media & Entertainment sector. A thorough knowledge of the intricate structure of intellectual property law and media law forms the base of our practice. We are litigators who know procedural law like the back of our hand. We are at the very top of our sector: bureau Brandeis is the leading firm for Media & Entertainment.

Our specialists

Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm

Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm is partner of bureau Brandeis. He specialises in digital copyright, the liability of intermediaries, privacy and free speech issues. He is both a trusted advisor to his clients such as KPN, Netflix…

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Google Play Music available in the Netherlands

bureau Brandeis / 01 Oct 2013

Spotify and Deezer have a new competitor in the Dutch music streaming market; Google. Google Play Music is Google’s solution to the music downloading issues of the last decade. They offer over 18 million tracks…


Will e-booksellers retain customer data?

Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm / 17 Aug 2013 reveals that Dutch anti-privacy group BREIN wants to force e-booksellers to retain customer data for two years. The purpose is to track down e-book piracy through a watermarking system. Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow is…

Case law

Supreme Court: private copying legislation was unlawful

bureau Brandeis / 08 Mar 2014

The State of the Netherlands acted unlawful by enacting private copying legislation under which certain digital devices were not imposed with a levy. This is the outcome of a case the attorneys of bureau Brandeis…

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