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bureau Brandeis / 10 Jul 2015

Professor Paul Geerts is of counsel at bureau Brandeis.

Paul is an internationally acclaimed Professor in Intellectual Property Law at the University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). Earlier in his academic career he specialized in corporate law issues.

His academic work consists of more than 180 publications. Among other works, Professor Geerts is the author of the textbooks  Protection of Intellectual Property (Bescherming van de intellectuele eigendom) and Some Procedural Aspects of the Right of Enquiry (Enkele formele aspecten van het enquêterecht).

In addition he is an editor for well-known periodicals and law reviews.

Professor Geerts contribution to bureau Brandeis is of tremendous value. All our attorneys call upon him to benefit from his encyclopedic knowledge. He revises draft court briefs and sharpens the legal strategy. Professor Geerts is often called upon to give second opinions to attorneys of other firms. Furthermore he can submit legal opinions in order to support a specific viewpoint in a pending procedure. Paul often hosts in-house seminars for clients of bureau Brandeis.

In addition to his work as Professor and of counsel, Professor Geerts works as deputy judge for several courts.

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